Street Sounds Radio
Chris Rock

ASMR for house heads with DJ Chris Rock
11-1am Thursday's On Street Sounds Radio
( House )

ASMR Music Radio is a weekly radio show that plays deep house, Jazz, Neo Soul, Hip Hop or whatever has that ASMR feels.  If it feels good, it is ASMR Music.  The ASMR Music Show is a weekly show that is broadcast every Thursday night between 11pm and 1am playing deep, sonically satisfying music.  We have special guest Cosmonaut mixes and all the best music that we can find from the world of Deep House, Deep Soul and Deep Jazz.  So come and join us and launch yourself into the Cosmos that is The ASMR Music Radio Show. ASMR for House Heads. ASMR for Soul Heads. ASMR for Jazz Heads.

Our message is in the music, we are one family under a groove! Street Sounds has had vinyl running through its veins since 1982.

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