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Freddy Benson

Afternoon Delight with Freddie Benson
2-4pm Sunday's with Freddie Benson on Street Sounds Radio
( Dance-Soul, Jazz Funk, Rare Grooves, Disco, Anthems, )

It all started for Freddy at the age of eleven. The entertainment failed to turn up for the school disco, so off home Freddy ran, hot-footed it back with his record player and box of 7 inches under his arm in an effort to save the day. And indeed, save the day he did.  His first tracked, Jackie Wilson's iconic 'Your Love Keeps Lifting me Higher' delighted his audience and Freddy knew this was his vocation in life! 
As Freddy became a teenager, he and his friends would travel to central London to hit the buzzing mid-week club scene and listen to the latest vibes. 
Freddy's music career led him into the radio station media world as well as mobile and club DJ-ing.  
An avid lover of all things Jazz and Funk – a passion sparked after seeing EWF live in 1982.  Freddy remains a Vinyl Junkie and his favourite tune varies from day to day. He loves the memories that music evokes for listeners and can't wait to share his collection with you.

Our message is in the music, we are one family under a groove! Street Sounds has had vinyl running through its veins since 1982.

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