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Tony Patti Wednesday Sessions

( Anthems )

About Me. I am the UK's biggest and most experienced Asian, English Speaking Radio Presenter in the UK with over 25years of radio experience under my belt. generally 'good guy' and make great tea! I've done every conceivable radio show over the years, from talk shows, CHR shows, magazine programmes and also Asian programmes.

I have successfully launched and managed 15 radio stations nationally and internationally! Yes I'm Asian I wear a turban but that doesn't mean I can't do shows in English as my English is perfect and you'd never know that it's an Asian on the other end of the Microphone, hoping I'm not type casted as just an Asian radio presenter.

I'm good (GREAT) at what I do and love radio, and have extensive music knowledge, especially soul jazz funk as I love it and have been playing it for years at my gigs and on air. It would be an honour and privilege to work in an English radio station and be the first 'Turban wearing' presenter in the UK on an English radio station.

Our message is in the music, we are one family under a groove! Street Sounds has had vinyl running through its veins since 1982.

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